Monday, August 28, 2017

30 Days of Diemond Dies Project #3

          Happy Monday to you all! I am back to share my third 30 Days of Diemond Dies Guest Design Team Project! For my project today I used the Diemond Dies Fluttering Butterfly Die Set and the Die-Normous Stack-Ems Nesting Scalloped Circles Die Set. I just wanted to point out how fabulous the dies are from Diemond Dies. The technique I used today consisted of several layers needing to be die cut all at once and these dies cut through them all in one pass like butter. They truly are amazing dies! 
           I wanted to remind you all that 30 Days of Diemond Dies will be coming to an end soon so be sure to take advantage of the prize drawings and discount. To enter the 30 Days of Diemond Dies prize drawings head over to the Diemond Dies Facebook page (click here to go directly to Diemond Dies Facebook or use link below), once there "like" their Facebook page then "like" and comment on each of the 30 Days of Diemond Dies daily posts. To take advantage of the discount head to use the discount code ddcc to receive 20% off and free worldwide shipping on orders of $20 or more.
          The time to enter my giveaway is narrowing down too. To enter my giveaway all I ask is that you leave a comment on all 3 of my 30 Days of Diemond Dies blog posts and also go like my Facebook page (the link is provided below or you can just click here to be taken directly to my Facebook page. The dates for my 3 project posts are as follows: August 6th, August 17th, and today August 28th so be sure to comment on these posts) I will be giving away some of the products featured in my 30 Days of Diemond Dies posts plus some other special goodies. This is just my way of passing on the generosity that Dee, the owner of Diemond Dies, has shown to me. I will be announcing the winner on September 11th. (P.S. - I will be verifying you've met all my giveaway requirements so be sure you follow my instructions in order to be entered).
          O.k. now that we have all that covered lets get onto the details of today's project. 

An angled view to show the glitter sparkle better

          To make today's project I started by selecting fine glitters in different colors. These glitters can be purchased almost anywhere from craft stores, big box stores, to even the dollar stores. I chose four colors in total. All four of my colors came from the Recollections brand. Then I covered one side of plain Georgia White Cardstock with Sookwang Tape, do not remove the adhesive cover. On the side that has the tape face up, I placed the largest die from the Diemond Dies Ems Scalloped Circle Die Set along with the two butterflies from the Diemond Dies Fluttering Butterfly Die Set and ran them through my cutting machine. I then removed the scalloped circle die completely but positioned the butterflies in new spots until the entire surface had butterfly cuts. I as well ran a smaller piece of white cardstock, again with the Sookwang Tape covering it, plus the two butterfly dies through my die cutting machine. This gave me the base to make the two additional butterflies seen floating on the card. I cut an additional scalloped circle separately which will be used to make the inside/back of the card.
          Once I had all my pieces, I gently took a pointed tool and began removing the adhesive covering off the tape but only removing the covering on the areas I wanted to cover with one specific glitter color. Once the covering was removed I poured glitter over the tape and rubbed the glitter in making sure the tape was covered. I brushed off all the glitter that did not stick and replaced it back into the container. A Swiffer sheet helps to clean up and remove any excess glitter. What's great is that you can reuse these Swiffer sheets and since you only need a small portion of the sheet, a small box can last you for years. You will repeat this process for each color and will do this technique for wherever you want glitter to cover your paper and as well do the technique on the two butterflies that will be floating. Here is a link to a video where Jennifer McGuire uses this same technique but with embossing powder instead of glitter
          You may notice in my peach glitter background that there are lines. I did this intentionally because I wanted to give it more dimension. I was able to do this by using strips of Sookwang tape and putting a very slight gap between each row of tape. If you do not wish to have the lines then you will simply make sure there is no space/gaps between the rows of tape or you can use a solid sheet of Sookwang tape instead. 
           Lastly I scored the piece of the round plain scalloped cardstock at 1/2" down from the top. Place Sookwang tape or any other adhesive above the score line. Attach it to the back of your designed glitter piece and Viola you have a full card. To put finishing touches on my card, I randomly placed Doodle Bug Glitter Dots on the front and glue my floating glitter butterflies on top. (place glue just on the body of the butterflies then once dry pull up on the wings to get the floating effect) Ta Da I'm all done ;) Thank you so much again for joining me today! I wish you all a beautiful day!

Fine Glitter (as many colors you choose) 
Doodle Bug Glitter Dots
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