Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yummy Goodness & Old Timer Bday Cards

          Howdy everyone! I just wanted to pop in quickly so that I could share 2 birthday cards that I made for my daughter and my step-grandfather. I am super in love my daughter's card because it's not only her favorite colors but also mine, combined with some of our favorite things, donuts and sprinkles! My daughter absolutely loved it too and that meant the world to me!
          I am also quite pleased with how my step-grandfather's card looks because masculine cards are always so hard to make. Not to mention the pressure I was under since it was for such an amazing man celebrating his 90th birthday and the card was technically going to be given to him by my mom and step-dad. I wanted to make my customer (my mom and step-dad) happy too, lol! Since he is turning 90 what better theme to use than the "Old Timer" theme, which obviously is where the clocks and numbers come in. The background numbered paper was a great addition for his card too because the colors matched the overall them but also because I noticed it had the number 90 in several spots, 3 to be exact, but I ended up just coloring in 1 of them.
          I hope you enjoy them both and that it inspires you to get crafty this weekend! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I wish you a marvelous weekend! 

Yummy Goodness Birthday Card
Front of my daughter's card - There is a ton of sparkle on the donuts and Happy Birthday sentiment that unfortunately wasn't picked up by the camera :(
Inside of card
Back of card using my custom made stamp. I don't always show the backs of my cards but one thing I make sure I do is to decorate the back of the cards too. To me the back as just as important as the front because when you hold the card up to read it the people watching you can see that backside. So I just like to make the card special from front to back :)

Old Timer Birthday Card
Front of my step-father's card
Inside of card - the spot on the left is for the signature. I didn't want to have the signature be in the way of the poem in case it was saved as a memento.

PS: Usually I try to give you all a supply list but I used so many supplies between these 2 cards that to list them all would make this post forever long, so if you see something specific that you want to know about just leave me a comment and I will let you know :)

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