Sunday, February 1, 2015

Here's To A New Year :)

      Happy New Year everyone, even if it is the beginning of February, lol! It's a new year which means a beautiful new beginning! I told you all that starting in 2015 I wanted to start becoming more involved with blogging on a regular basis so these past couple months I have been really working on things behind the scenes to get prepared for all the amazing adventures that are to come. I have been working on how to make videos, tutorials, new techniques, my photography skills, and so much more. I have been crafting like crazy! Some of the things I've made were a memorial scrapbook for a relative, tons of Christmas cards, thank you cards birthday cards, and coloring a ton of images for the scrapbooks I am going to make my daughter. I also have been working on my dad's case. It is going on a year that I have been working on it. I think because it is so special my mind keeps swaying with how I want to decorate it, I just want it to be perfect. I initially was going to put all of the barber equipment back into it but the more I work on the case the more I would love to display it. I am hoping that someday my hubby will close in our back porch so I that I have a craft room and I think I would get so much inspiration from this case if I was able to see it everyday. After all my dad was an artist himself so who better than him to get inspiration from.
     So as you can see these past couple months have really been put to good use. I am really wanting to take my blogging from something I was doing just for fun here and there to making it something wonderful for you and for me! I want my blog to be a positive, fun, and encouraging place where anyone from a beginner to a long time crafter can come to not only get ideas but share ideas too. If your wondering why I decided to make this change of blogging more, let's just say I had an eye opening experience ;) Which brings me to a very big THANK YOU that I want to say to a very special person who came into my life from guess what... a blog. Her name is Karen and lets just say that she helped me to see why the combination of blogging and crafting can be life changing. She will know what I mean and I hope that by my blogging and sharing my creations with you more regularly it will open up doors for you to be creative. Don't let someone make you feel that your crafting is not good enough, because art is about exploration, being creative and having fun in what ever way you see it. My creations might not be what someone else likes but to me they are amazing because I am growing, I am getting to make memories with my daughter, I am having the time of my life, and I am just being me. How I feel when I craft is how I hope each and everyone of you will feel.
     Before I wrap up my blog post for today I would like to share with you a couple of the projects I made. I ended up not being that impressed with the "homemade" photo booths, you will see a lighting difference in some of the pictures, which is the variations of the "homemade" photo booths and lighting techniques I tried. So because I wasn't completely happy I found out that the company who makes the Foldio is coming out with a bigger and brighter Foldio. They were running a Kickstarter program which I took part in. Since they met their goal it appears that I will be getting a Foldio 2 sometime in March but heard it could even be sooner. I'm praying for the sooner, lol. If they are as good as I have heard then my pictures should look A-MAZING, fingers crossed on that one too ;) As always if you have any questions about my projects just ask :) I will be back sometime this week to show you even more of the projects I made during my "break". Have a beautiful day!

Scrapbook I made in memory of my mother in law. I made it as a Christmas gift for her sister.

This was a Christmas card I made for my son. I used Boughs of Holly StampOh Deer Stamp Set and the Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & More. The deer came from Peachy Keen Stamps. Peachy Keen Stamps recently decided to retire from making stamp sets :( The coloring was done with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. I also used Stampin' Up ink and card stock, with the exception of the gold berries that came from some metallic gold scrap card stock.
This is the inside of the card which I used holly4Christmas stamp set from The Stamps of Life as well as Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & More from My Creative Time. Inks are from Stampin' Up and I also used Spectrum Noir alcohol markers to color in the ornament.

Christmas card I made for my husband using Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & More from My Creative Time as well as Peachy Keen Stamps. Coloring was done with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. I also used Stampin' Up ink and card stock.

This was the Christmas card I made and sent out to all my family and friends. The Card stock and ink were from Stampin' Up. For the Poinsettia and sentiment I used a stamp set from My Favorite Things which I believe has been discontinued. Then I also used the Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & More from My Creative Time.
Inside of the card. I used holly4Christmas stamp set from The Stamps of Life. The Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & More and You Are Fabulous from My Creative Time. The Card stock and ink were from Stampin' Up.

Christmas card I made for my mom and step dad. I used Boughs of Holly StampLoyal Friends Stamp Set, Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & MoreWinter Snowman Dies and the Alpha Pack Stamp Set to make my own wording. Cardstock and inks came from Stampin' Up with the exception of the dog, I used metallic gold scrap cardstock. (PS-When My Creative Time did the sneaks for the Winter Snowman Dies I instantly thought of this idea, however I apparently was not the only one. I have seen several people used a similar ideas using the dog and snowman dies but I assure you in no way did I copy from anyone. I always will give credit to a person or company should I get an idea from them)

Inside of card I used Stitched Rectangular Frame Dies & More, Boughs of Holly Stamp and You Are Fabulous from My Creative Time. Cardstock and inks are from Stampin' Up.

(Disclaimer: Any supply links listed above are links solely being used as a guide to show you what those items are. Some links may come directly from the manufacturer while others may not. Unless otherwise stated all products were purchased with my own money and in no way am I affiliated with these links nor the businesses associated with them. Please use discretion should you choose to shop from the links listed above. Thank you)

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