Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some exciting stuff has been happening!!!

          Hello everyone! I haven't forgot about you all! Things have been pretty crazy but crazy in a GREAT way! My hubby and I celebrated our anniversary and he was so good to me this year! He bought me a crafting desk so I have been busy setting everything up. I didn't realize though how much work would go into arranging everything.
          I also have been working on some projects for my application to the Some Odd Girl Design Team and I actually just officially submitted it this morning. I am saying a ton of prayers, crossing my fingers, my toes and anything else that can be crossed ;) I have applied for some other Design Teams before but I REALLY want to be a part of this one, so it has been super nerve racking but that excited type of nerve racking. You know the kind of feeling you get right before you go on a carnival ride or roller coaster :)
          I love everything about the Some Odd Girl clear stamps and digital stamps. Kristy (the owner) creates the most adorable designs!! If you haven't checked them out before, you should! There is also a Some Odd Girl blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, and so much more. Kristy even does Color Along's which are awesome! Here is the link to the Some Odd Girl homepage You will be able to find all the other links on there as well plus you can shop all the fantastic clear and digital stamps. Also be sure to visit the Some Odd Girl Facebook page. It is such a wonderful community of people sharing ideas, projects, and more. 
          Speaking of sharing, I will be sharing the projects I submitted for Design Team application with you in the next day or two, as I am keeping them a bit secretive until the application deadline is over. So stay tuned. Well that's all for now. I will be back with those projects and I will also share some pictures of my craft table and area once all the final touches are done :) I am also still busy working on my dad's case that I shared with you all in one of my earlier blog posts. (It still has a long way to go though) Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!


  1. Just wanted to say Good Luck on the DT call Charity :) And I can't wait to see your new desk!